What is Pathfinder Resilience?

We are a company of first responders, led by our Director of Research & Training, Dr. Renee Thornton, who also happens to be an expert in crisis intervention. Our job is to provide top-tier, whole-life wellness training that has been tested to ensure that it works for each individual person - regardless of race, creed, traumatic experience, gender identification, or station in life.

How Have We Achieved This?

First, the curriculum we provide is rooted in the historical research from a number of disciplines including cognitive behavior therapy, exposure therapy, mindfulness, six sigma and lean methodologies, authentic and autonomous leadership, and many more. That part makes us evidence-based, but for the Pathfinder team, evidence-based is only the first step.

We then test the curriculum by audience. After all, what a police officer needs to maintain self-care excellence is much different than what a college student needs.

And then, we create the value added elements that help make our trainees comfortable as they learn to apply the variety of tools incorporated into our classes. These tools include: certified mentors and coaches, learning virtually, in-person, or a combination of the two, a before-and-after snapshot of your wellness strengths, and anonymized organizational wellness scorecards for data-driven decisions.

We even go so far as to permit anonymous training! And we always guaranteed confidentiality throughout the learning process.


Because we understand what it's like to feel the stigma of distress and have wished that someone would have just explained what's wrong and how to fix it. We know what it feels like to just want to feel better. And we know that by giving you access to the right tools, you have the power to start here, today, building your best life.

Welcome to the next generation of what wellness truly is.

Building Wellness Capital One Pillar at a Time

Physical Capital

Our bodies are our best early warning system for underlying issues. Learning to recognize and act on those is essential to understanding and addressing the root causes of distress. And, of course, building strong sleep, hydration, fitness, and nutritional habits increases our physical capital.

Psychological Capital

One of the worst feelings in the world is helplessness. When we feel that way, it's generally because we lack direction. Building psychological capital begins with action-oriented goal behaviors that enhance hope, self-confidence, resilience, and optimism which changes our outlook completely!

Cognitive Capital

Neurologically, every stimulus we receive reacts in our brains. Learning to connect our choices to consequences is essential to mastering wise decision-making. Building cognitive capital changes the way we see the impact we have on our lives and the people around us.

Emotional Capital

A wonderful, yet frequently misunderstood resource we have at our disposal is the brain's pharmacy. Learning which hormones are naturally released in certain situations helps us to activate the ones we need most to recover from stress. Intentionally seeking out the right hormones can enhance our personal relationships, too.

Financial Capital

Financial stewardship has proven to be the single most overlooked area in our early education process. It stands to reason then, that the area most people struggle with is this one. From budgeting to investments, this pillar provides the resources needed to experience financial peace now and in the future - no matter what challenges we face.

Spiritual Capital

The cornerstone of the drive to serve others, spiritual capital is all about what makes us uniquely human. The most powerful of all eight pillars, this is the one most frequently misunderstood. To truly understand this dimension, we begin with an absolute value system and then turn toward the reason we wish to serve others and our confidence in doing so.

Social & Professional Capital

Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future. In a time when we live behind computer screens, identifying our anchor relationships and choosing who belongs in our tribe (and who exists on the edge as energy vampires) gives us tremendous power over who we influence and who we allow to influence us.

"These tools exhaustively provided in the Pathfinder Resilience catalogue give you what you need to get and stay well. It's been tried and tested by first responders, corporate clients, young professionals, and veterans to make sure it works!"

- Dr. Heath Grant